At Classy Signs we endeavor to produce the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. We strive for customer satisfaction and will make every attempt to make your experience here a positive one. However, on occasion things will still go wrong. Below we have outlined warranties on our most common types of signage. Some signs may have unique warranties - if you are not sure, please ask your sales associate for details. If all reasonable care has been taken after receiving your sign, and something has failed to perform to expectations, we will repair or replace your sign if necessary, under the warranty terms reflected below. But regardless of these policies, please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any issues, and perhaps we can find a solution that will satisfy you.
Items manufactured by Classy Signs are warranted against defective workmanship in construction and assembly for one (1) year from the date of installation or purchase. Additionally, we will replace defective components manufactured by others for one (1) year from date of installation, for normal labor and travel charges only. Material manufacturer’s warranties may also apply, as noted below.
A fee of no less than 10% of the original installation amount will be charged for any scheduled installations which are cancelled by the customer with less than 24 hours notice. If you have opted not to hire Classy Signs for installation services, Classy Signs cannot be held responsible for damage to signs, property or persons that may result from faulty installation. Any advice offered by Classy Signs regarding installation shall not be construed as assumption of responsibility on our part for client’s adherence, or lack thereof, to any such advice. Installations by Classy Signs are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of installation.
Classy Signs reserves the right to void any warranties for failure to follow any recommendations given by Classy Signs, or for any alterations made by others to our products after receipt.
 ‘A’ Frame Signs:
All ‘A’ frame signs should be placed on level ground and secured in some fashion. Weighing down the sign’s connecting chain, or placing sand bags around the base are two ways to accomplish this. The frames are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for one (1) year. We cannot offer any additional warranties on this type of signage due to the environmental conditions to which they are usually subjected.
All digitally printed banners should be stored vertically around a tube with a minimum 3” diameter, at room temperature. They should never be folded or stored with anything on top of them. Failure to store the banner properly will void any warranties. Banners on roll-up stands are the exception to this; they need only be stored as required by the stand to which they are attached. A banner with applied vinyl graphics, or with an overlaminate, will last longest if displayed and stored completely flat. However, since this may not be possible, storing it around the aforementioned tube will help, but the vinyl will still begin to ‘tunnel’ as it is rolled and unrolled. This is normal and cannot be completely avoided.  Interior use banners can last indefinitely, but exterior use banners should always be considered temporary signage.  They can last for as little as a few months or for several years. Weather plays a huge factor in the life of a banner, as well as how and where it was installed. Due to exposure to unlimited conditions, including harsh weather, they cannot be guaranteed against damage or wear. If a recommended method of installation or storage was not followed, CSC reserves the right to void any warranties. The materials used in making banners are warranteed against manufacturer’s defects for one (1) year.
 Digital Prints:
Over-laminated prints are warranteed against fading for five (5) years and unlaminated prints for three (3) years. Prints without over-lamination are not warranteed against damage caused by abrasion, excessive physical contact or weather.  Mounted prints without "framing" around the edge cannot be guaranteed against their edges delaminating (edges peeling up) over time.
 Electrical Signs:
Under normal use and service, parts and labor will be covered should the sign malfunction within the first twelve (12) months from date of installation due to defects in workmanship or materials. During this twelve-month period, Classy Signs will at its option repair or replace any defective components.
Magnetics must be COMPLETELY flat against the vehicle, and the entire magnetic must be in contact with a magnetically receptive surface on the vehicle, or it will not stay on while driving. We also recommend that you periodically remove magnetics from the vehicle, and clean the magnetic and the vehicle to prevent rust from forming between them. It is also recommended that you change the position of the magnetics once a month; magnetics left on a painted vehicle surface over a long period may prevent the paint underneath from fading at the same rate as on the rest of the vehicle. Due to the nature of the magnetic material, and the harsh conditions they are subjected to when driving, they are warranteed for one (1) year. The warranty applies only to magnetics placed on vertical surfaces.
Over time (usually a few months, depending on exposure to sunlight), magnetics with black (or dark) front surfaces may become ‘textured’, due to excess heat absorption of darker colored backgrounds reacting with the adhesive beneath. This is not covered under warranty, and is normally not visible over distance of a few feet.
Vehicle Graphics (Applied Vinyl): Vinyl applied to vertical surfaces (doors, sides, fenders, etc.) are warranteed for four (4) years against fading or peeling.
While the vinyl manufacturers do not warranty vinyl applied to horizontal surfaces (roofs, trunks, non-vertical rear windows, etc.) due to sun exposure, we will warranty this vinyl for two (2) years against fading or peeling. In either case, some shrinkage of the vinyl can be expected and is normal.
 Vehicle Wraps:
Laminated vehicle wraps have a warranty against fading for four (4) years, and window perforated vinyl has a two (2) year warranty. While the vinyl manufacturers do not warranty vinyl applied to horizontal surfaces (roofs, trunks, non-vertical rear windows, etc.) due to sun exposure, we will warranty this vinyl for two (2) years. All vehicles have different shapes and compound curves, therefore wrapping each vehicle is a unique process. On occasion the vinyl may shrink or even peel slightly where wrapped around compound curves - this is normal. But if a peeling edge becomes greater than one quarter inch (”), it is important that the vehicle be brought back immediately for repair, or we cannot be responsible for further damage to the wrap.
Vehicle Graphics Installation (Applied Vinyl and Wraps):
The vehicle must be clean before graphics can be applied. Our vehicle graphics pricing includes a basic "wipe-down" of the vehicle; any necessary additional cleaning will be charged at the rate of $105/hour. It is recommended that, after graphics have been applied, washing of the vehicle be done by hand, and to wait at least 2 weeks before doing so the first time. Never use harsh chemicals or anything abrasive over the graphics. Never use an ice-scraper over areas with graphics.
 Wood Signage:
Anything made of wood which is used outdoors MUST be periodically resealed. Edges, such as the exposed ends of posts or boards, require repainting every so often as needed. This time period is based on weather and exposure, and is not predictable. If the paint cracks it is important to reseal it as soon as possible, since, once moisture gets in, the sign will begin to deteriorate. This damage cannot be reversed, but it can be slowed by regularly inspecting the sign and resealing the paint as soon as cracking begins.
We make every effort to properly seal and protect wood signs. It may last 1 year or as many as 5 years depending on circumstances, but it usually falls somewhere in the middle. If all of the board’s edges are sealed with trim capping, the board is warranteed for three (3) years. Otherwise we can only warranty wood signs for a period of one (1) year from installation or pick up. If standard pressure treated wood posts are enamel painted and capped, with no exposed ends, they are warranteed for three (3) years, and cedar posts for five (5) years. CSC cannot assume responsibility for warping of standard pressure treated wood posts, which may occur over time.
Any questions, please contact one of your sales rep for more clarification.